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Our Much-Anticipated CE Series With Gasoline Engine Introduced

Our Much-Anticipated CE Series With Gasoline Engine Introduced

On December 5 & 6, 2017, Maxim Truck & Trailer hosted two events – in Winnipeg and Brandon - that showcased the new gasoline-powered engine by IC Bus. Approximately 80 school division representatives from 28 school divisions across Manitoba turned out to inspect and test drive the new gas-powered CE Series bus.

IC Bus is committed to delivering the options our customers need. So when you asked for a gasoline option with a long-lasting engine, we invested in making it happen. Today, the new CE Series with a PSI 8.8 V-8 gasoline engine delivers vehicle performance you can count on.

  • Durable - The low engine-speed design produces less noise, heat and wear for an incredibly durable engine. Competitors run at a much higher speed, which means more noise and wear on components.
  • Serviceable - Both the engine compartment and engine provide best-in-class accessibility for easy maintenance.
  • Greener Future - Gasoline or propane, the PSI 8.8l uses the same engine block. The only change is the fuel system, making the PSI engine an easy solution for mechanics and drivers of mixed alternative fuel fleets.
  • One-stop Warranty - Offered with the industry's only one-stop warranty for gasoline vehicles paired with our industry-leading dealer network, and a promise of positive customer service on warranty claims.

For more information on our Gasoline and Diesel buses, please contact:

Lindsey Frego