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LoneStar rereleased with classic styling, updates to fuel efficiency & safety

LoneStar rereleased with classic styling, updates to fuel efficiency & safety

Ten years after its initial release, the International LoneStar remains one of the most distinctive trucks in its class. The look of this truck won’t be changing much for its 2017 re-launch, save for a few features that improve fuel efficiency and safety.

The 2017 LoneStar has the same iconic styling, with the eye-catching grille, hood, fenders and air cleaners, but updated pedestal mirrors which are more aerodynamic than their predecessors.

Uptime has been significantly improved with the new Cummins X15 engine, single-can aftertreatment, new cab wiring, and an all new BIC HVAC system. Best-In-Class driver features have been added, which include an all-new driver inspired interior, a steering column mounted shifter which improves leg room, a new premium gauge cluster, and overall better driver visibility. Owners can look forward to up to a 3% improved fuel economy, thanks to the new Cummins X15 engine, aerodynamic pedestal mirrors, and other drivetrain improvements.

Safety has been enhanced with the Bendix Wingman Advanced collision mitigation standard. With the availability of Bendix Wingman Fusion and improved side visibility, the new LoneStar is one of the safest trucks on the road. Serviceability has been planned for, with the pedestal mirrors only needing three mounting bolts, a wire harness connector at the mirror base, and easy glass replacement - no tools required!

The LoneStar is retaining its classic look while keeping up with industry demands for better fuel efficiency, comfort, and driver safety. Keep your eyes open for the 2018 LoneStar, which should be arriving at Maxim dealerships later this year!

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