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Navistar Unveils New International A26 Engine

Navistar Unveils New International A26 Engine

International took the wraps off its new A26 engine, which it says is lighter weight and 5% more fuel efficient than its N-series predecessor.

The launch was held at the spring meeting of the Technology & Maintenance Council. The new engine was developed using a customer-centric approach with a focus on uptime, fuel economy, weight and noise. The new engine is 5% more fuel efficient, thanks to a reduction in parasitic losses and the use of lightweight components. Weighing 2,299 lbs, the 12.4-liter A26 is about 700 lbs lighter than a 15-liter engine.

Bill Kozek, president, truck and parts with Navistar, said the company is well positioned with the new engine and a new partnership with Volkswagen Truck & Bus. Kozek also said Navistar has addressed issues related to engine reliability and downtime. He said dwell time – the amount of time a truck spends at the dealer to be repaired – has been reduced by 50%, with half of trucks needing repairs turned around in one day.

The new engine will enter production in April and is available for order now.