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5 features of Live Bottom trailers you should consider

5 features of Live Bottom trailers you should consider

Maxim Truck & Trailer has provided dump trucks and trailers for years. Recently, Maxim acquired a majority stake in Trout River Trailers, a manufacturer of Live Bottom Trailers. This gives Maxim a brand new product to offer that has some surprising benefits to those in the construction and agriculture industry. If you’re looking to buy a new dump trailer, here are some things about live bottom trailers you should consider in your purchase decision.

  1. Eliminates Trailer Rollover. The conveyor bottom eliminates the need to lift the belly up to dump. It has a much lower center of gravity, which means it’s easier to unload in an uneven area. There’s also no need to look out for overhead wires, something that you need to be on the watch for with a conventional dump trailer. A live bottom trailer can work anywhere that it can drive.
  2. The Tub Empties Clean. This makes it easier to transport different materials, as you don’t have to get inside the tub each time to clean it out between materials.
  3. Smoother Riding. The lower center of gravity makes for a smoother ride and better handling when compared to a conventional truck.
  4. Versatile Hauling. The live bottom feeds out your material in a smooth, controlled way, making it safe for hauling and unloading even more delicate materials like potatoes, or carrots. This makes it a great option for businesses in both agriculture and construction industries.
  5. Increased Dumping Control. The conveyor bottom allows for partial dumping and very controlled dumping, so your load goes where you want it much more reliably than with conventional dump trucks. The live bottom makes it easy to start and stop dumping, and to drive while dumping to disperse the load over a larger area.

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