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Arne’s Welding Hosts Introduction of New Manitoba Manufacturing Safety Council

Arne’s Welding Hosts Introduction of New Manitoba Manufacturing Safety Council

On Thursday, January 14, Arne’s Welding Ltd was pleased to host the inauguration of a new Manufacturing Safety Association for Manitoba. Made Safe is a group set up specifically for manufacturing specific safety needs. It represents a united voice of manufacturers to address the needs of the manufacturing sector with the province of Manitoba.

Butch (Gerald) Bouchard, President of Arne’s Welding Limited, was pleased to host today’s event at their trailer manufacturing plant in Winnipeg. Arne’s strives to be forward-thinking and will be part of this new safety association at the onset to keep Arne’s at the forefront of new industry developments.

Partnering with Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME), Made Safe aims to provide manufacturers with access to low cost resources, training, and equipment to help them increase workplace safety. The result should be lower net WCB premiums, saving businesses money and improving worker safety by reducing workplace injuries. Made Safe will provide support in helping companies pass safety inspections, follow regulations, and put best practices in place.

In 2015, both the trucking and motor vehicle industries saw new industry-specific safety programs introduced. Now, manufacturing will also have its own comprehensive safety programs specific to manufacturing.