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Arne's Welding Limited in Winnipeg Facilities Tour

Arne's Welding Limited in Winnipeg Facilities Tour

Arne’s Welding Limited in Winnipeg is a full service trailer manufacturer! They take care of production from flat sheets of steel all the way to a finished and fully tested trailer. Their facilities at 835 Mission St in Winnipeg have been around for years, but recent renovations and new developments have given their brand a facelift.

Their goal is cleanliness and organization. The walls are white to make dirt apparent, so it’s easier to ensure that the whole place is properly cleaned. Every tool and part has its place, clearly marked and labeled. Having a good organizational system to begin with allows Arne’s to maintain order, leading to higher efficiency.

Having newer facilities has allowed Arne’s to increase their innovation. With the right equipment for developing and testing units in place, their team has created some outstanding products with uses in a variety of industries. Their new Ultramax Side Dump is ready to hit the market, a Crossgate Hopper is in research and development, and a special military project is in final development stages, with production to begin shortly.

Arne’s Welding Limited is a Canadian company. It’s been around for over 60 years, providing premium equipment to businesses all across Canada and the United States. By supporting Arne’s, you’re supporting a Manitoba company that will work hard to earn and keep your business.

Maxim is a proud retailer of Arne’s trailers. All Arne’s trailers carry a 5-year warranty. They excel at providing custom design and manufacturing for any very particular needs you may have. Maxim provides rentals, leasing, and purchase options for Arne’s trailers, Canada-wide. If you’re looking for an end dump, flat deck, low bed, side dump, or hopper bottom trailer, Arne’s is sure to provide a product that suits your needs.

Contact a Maxim trailer Account Manager today to see our current inventory of trailers and see if an Arne’s trailer will work for your business.