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Maxim Team Walks 20K & Raises Over $67,000 for Charity

Maxim Team Walks 20K & Raises Over $67,000 for Charity


On June 13, 2015, a Maxim Truck & Trailer team led by President Doug Harvey, participated in The Challenge for Life event in Winnipeg and walked 20 kms and raised $67,523.

The Challenge for Life is a 20 kilometer walk created to promote healthy living while raising funds and awareness for CancerCare Manitoba.

The Maxim Truck & Trailer team, consisting of eight individuals, was third in overall funds raised for the event. In addition to raising funds, Maxim donated the use of 10 delivery vehicles for the event and had an additional 28 Maxim employees and friends who volunteered their time at The Challenge for Life event.

Through early detection, care, research, education and public outreach, CancerCare Manitoba contributes to the prevention of cancer and improve the outcomes and quality of life for Manitobans with cancer and blood disorders.


Members of the Maxim Challenge for Life team (pictured from left to right): Maili Wiechern, Steve Young, Jan Shute, Doug Harvey, Allison Chernecki, Tyler Chernecki, Kathy Randall and Jeff Schaefer.