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SmartTruck Now Available At Maxim Across Canada

SmartTruck Now Available At Maxim Across Canada

SmartTruck’s precision aerodynamic solutions are designed to provide the greatest amounts of drag reduction and fuel savings possible from a trailer aerodynamic device.  

SmartTruck solutions do this by directing high energy airfow into the low energy, low pressure wake behind your trailer that is producing drag on your vehicle.  Incoming airfow under and over the trailer is compressed and accelerated and the resulting higher energy airfow is injected into the trailer wake.

The result is substantially less drag and greatly improved fuel economy.

Our aerodynamic trailer solutions are highly affordable and durable.  With no moving parts and no driver interaction required they are carefree and come with the industry’s best product warranty. All solutions are available for both dry vans and reefers with swing doors or rollup doors.

Our remarkable SmartTruck TopKit was selected as an HDT Top 20 Product for 2015 and its drag reduction performance has recently been independently verified by the University of Tennessee’s SimCenter for Computational Engineering.

Learn more about how SmartTruck’s precision aerodynamic solutions can help lower your operating cost at your local Maxim dealer!