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Buy, lease, or rent food and beverage equipment


Not sure whether to buy, rent, or lease?

Your fleet needs may change with the season, a customer might have special requirements that you aren't equipped for, or you could just be looking for a more efficient way to manage your resources. 

Making the decision between buying, renting, or leasing can seem overwhelming. You want to make the most of your transportation and logistics budget while still meeting your business' needs. 

Maxim is pleased to be able to offer the options to buy, lease, or rent at our locations across Canada. The food and beverage industry faces unique challenges such as the need for refrigerated transportation, and seasonal changes that might change the way you look at maintaining your fleet. 

We've broken down some of the key factors you might consider when acquiring a new vehicle, so you can make a more informed decision about how to do it right. We have a team of finance professionals that can help with financing or leasing a vehicle, and our rental fleet is large and includes dry vans, reefers, straight trucks, day cabs, and more. 

Download the Guide to Purchasing, Leasing, or Renting, browse our inventory online, and contact us when you're ready to structure your fleet. 


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