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EARN $1,500 - Maxim Employee Referral Program

Earn $1,500

Are You Aware of Maxim's Employee Referral Program?

For some time, Maxim has had an Employee Referral Program that rewards current employees who refer someone for a vacant Maxim role and they get hired. In the past, this has applied only to Technician roles but it has now been expanded to include all roles at Maxim. Another change we’ve made recently is increasing the referral reward to $1,500 in value – your choice of $1,500 cash or $1,000 and an iPad. 

Maxim is proud of the quality of our employees. We are reaching out to you to ask for your help to build our team because we believe referrals from existing staff gets us better quality candidates. 

Do you know someone qualified for any of the posted Maxim roles - who would be a welcome addition to the Maxim team? We have opportunities in most cities.  See all current Maxim jobs here.

Please consider emailing or texting links to one of more of these open positions to someone you know who you think would be a good fit at Maxim.

Lastly, I want to acknowledge a few employees who have already made referrals to date that have resulted in new hires, including:



Ron Grzebeniak (Right) referred Bobby Amaral, a long-time friend to the Trailer Service Division in Winnipeg. 



Brian LaBoucane (Right) referred Piyara Flora in Edmonton. Piyara has been promoted to Lead Hand since being hired as a Technician. Brian got to know Piyara while at his previous job as a Snap-On Tool Rep.


Other referrals:

  • Mark Westendorp, referred Derek Crossman in Saskatoon. Derek Crossman went on to refer Parris Ackerman, also in Saskatoon.
  • Justin Vermette referred Aiden Gettis in Prince Albert.









Troy Hamilton, President