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Electric Heavy-Duty Vehicles

On a path to a greener industry, many manufacturers are focussing on the path for powerful and sustainable electric vehicles. International and IC Bus in particular are making incredible headway with the International eMV medium-duty truck and the IC Bus Electric CE Series School Bus.

Did you know the Canadian federal government is offering rebates on medium-duty and heavy-duty electric vehicle purchases?

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International eMV truck

The International eMV

The eMV Series suits any straight rail application and with a vehicle performance of 335 hp, battery capacity of 135 miles, and a GVW rating of up to 33,000 Lbs – it can handle any typical job a traditional medium-duty truck could handle.

Some of its key features include an electrified powertrain that's fully integrated (ensuring all components are optimized to work with each other as a system), best in class regenerative braking on/off, states of the art driver displayed, SAE J1772 CCS1 AC/DC charging standard ensures charging compatibility with most public chargers, and 125KW/hour capable with a DC charger.

Key eMV Series Specs:

  • Wheelbase options ranging from 217" to 272", 4x2 axle configuration
  • Dana Spicer front and rear axle - 12,000/23,000 lbs
  • Heat-treated alloy steel frame - 120,000 PSI
  • Electrical system - 210kWh Lithium Iron Phosphate with a dedicated HVAC system
  • 608-volt operating voltage, LED headlights
  • Air brakes with ABS, 4-channel electronic stability program with traction control
  • Peak motor torque - 1,700 ft-lbs

It comes with a 5-year warranty on its battery, motor, drive charger and cables.

The IC Bus CE Series School Bus

A zero-emissions school bus option with a lower total cost of ownership and user-friendly options and features, the Electric CE Series was engineered from the tires up to withstand the rigors of daily use and arrive at every destination on time, every time.

A few key highlights are it comes with two battery options that offer the longest singe-charge range available in the industry, it's standard AC and DCFC charging ready, it's vehicle-to-grid (V2G) ready, it has state-of-the-art instrument cluster, and it has three levels of regenerative braking

Electric IC Bus Specs:

  • GVWR up to 35,000 lbs
  • Up to a 77 passenger capacity
  • Wheelbase options ranging from 217" to 276"
  • Axle capacity of up to 12,000/23,000 lbs
  • The frame is made from heat-treated alloy steel (120,000 PSI)
  • 12V electrical system
  • Air disc brakes with ESC and ABS
  • 78" interior headroom
  • 255 kW or 342 hp peak power
  • Optional IC Bus Full View Camera Technology by Rosco available

It comes with a 5-year warranty on its battery, motor, drive charger and cables.